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Tour Reviews

October 1, 2011
Hawaii 5-O Experience
Reviewer: L. Hawkins
(Houston, TX, USA)

I wish to thank you for providing my group an outstanding tour. As fans of the new series, we enjoyed seeing some of the island locations depicted in the show… it was amazing! We look forward to re-watching some of the episodes as featured from the locations that we visit during the day. P.S. We are already enjoying the new episodes from season 2!

August 14, 2011
Multi-Garden Botanical Nature Walk
Reviewer: Emily & Sam (Naperville, IL, USA)

The Multi-Garden Botanical Nature Walk was truly a highlight to my vacation. As this was my first trip to Hawaii, I really wanted to see some of the tropical flowers and plants that I always imagined Hawaii would have… oh my, I wasn't disappointed. We enjoyed the two botanical gardens we visit during the day and the rainforest stream area was quite a surprise. By the time we got to the natural rainforest trail and stream area, I felt so familiar with the plants that we already identified during our botanical garden visit.

The botanical gardens and rainforest/waterfall areas were amazing! This was everything that I wanted to see. The entire day's activity went by so quickly. Thanks for the light lunch, as it really hit the spot after all of our walking. I appreciate your Guide, as he was very informative on the specific plants and their agricultural, commercial, and medicinal uses.

I am amazed and I appreciate your work and effort for this tour. Mahalo.

August 5, 2011
Wonderful LOST Tour!
Reviewer: Dawna

Thanks for an outstanding tour! I think we took more pictures during the day's activity, than all our days combined on Oahu. We will recommend your Company to our friends and family.

July 28, 2011
LOST Final Season: Oceanic Trek
Reviewer: Olivia Parker
(Binghamton, NY, USA)

We flew in for the day to participate on the LOST Final Season Oceanic Trek. This was the best tour we joined during our stay in Hawaii. Thanks to your company and it's staff for the ease of booking this activity… to the guide leading the tour… to the transportation provided from the airport to our final destination at our restaurant in Waikiki. A fantastic experience!

July 3, 2011 Oahu Ghost Hunt
Reviewer: Williem
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

We want to give you feedback on our tour with Hawaiian Escapades, specifically on the Oahu Ghost Hunt tour. We loved the historical perspective on the haunting found on Oahu. We also appreciate you accommodating a private charter for my wife and I. Let our guide, Tom, know that we still have chills surrounding the past story of human sacrifice that took place on Sand Island. A chilling and remarkable tour!

June 26, 2011
The Ultimate LOST Adventure
Reviewer: Lies

A quick note to let you know how much we appreciated your effort to introduce us to Oahu and our visit to many LOST sites that we chose to visit on our custom tour scheduled on Thursday. We had a great time and wanted to let you know.

This is our first visit to the Hawaiian Islands and your tour made our visit worthwhile. While we may not make it back to Hawaii, we just wanted to make sure you are aware of our gratitude for providing a most memorable day.

May 27, 2011
Beyond Manoa Multi-Waterfall Walk
Reviewer: Lois Canaley
(Pensacola, FL, USA)

We wanted to let you know that we had a blast on the Multi-Waterfall Walk tour we took with your organization on Monday, May 23. We were so happy to get out to visit some of Oahu's natural rainforest areas with views of waterfalls and streams. All the information that was shared with us regarding the Hawaiian history, as well as the ecology of the island was interesting to us. This made for a unique and great way to understand the island.

May 4, 2011
LOST Final Season: Oceanic Trek
Reviewer: Michael & Jessica
(Sydney, Australia)

My husband and I flew to Oahu from Big Island to take the LOST Final Season tour on May 3. I am so glad we decided to take a break from the Big Island, as Oahu is a beautiful island and we are such big LOST fans. We appreciate the complimentary pick-up your company arranged for us at the airport. Our tour guide was so friendly and knowledgeable.

It was fun to see the different locations from around the world, like where we live, which was obviously shot entirely on the island of Oahu. It was also clever of the production to use locations just right off the road, in areas that we would never have realized to find them on our own.

Thanks to Hawaiian Escapades for such an experiential and fun way to see the island.

April 12, 2011
Honolulu's Hidden Treasures
Reviewer: Leona
(New York, NY, USA)

I appreciate your experienced guide, Dave, who shared brilliantly the history of the Hawaiian monarchy. The information provided throughout the day's activity was well organized and expertly communicated. I had a great time.

March 22, 2011

Reviewer: Denise
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I wish to send you some feedback on our tour experience with your Company. We appreciate your willingness to provide a courtesy drop off at Honolulu International Airport at the conclusion of our activity. This was so helpful, as we would have been pressed for time if we had returned to Waikiki and then shuttled back to the airport. Thank you, thank you, for the transportation drop off.

Thanks for the lunch suggestion at the Shrimp truck… it was awesome. Give Kate our compliments. The whole day was fantastic! Our guide was so knowledgeable about LOST and the island, which made for an enjoyable day.

We will enjoy the amazing trip for a long time to come. Our memories will be helped by all of the photos we captured during the day. We will pass on your business name to our friends who plan to travel to Hawaii.

Take care.

March 4, 2011
Rainforest & Coastal Nature Odyssey
Reviewer: Charity
(Gulfport, MS, USA)

We will highly recommend this tour and hope to return on our first wedding anniversary to explore more rainforest areas on Oahu. This being our first trip to Hawaii and to the island of Oahu was a great choice for our honeymoon.

We will highly recommend your Company as you delivered exactly what was described and more. We are interested in the Hawaiian culture and history of early Polynesian… while this was mainly an eco-tour, our guide shared many of the historical aspects of interest during our rainforest walk. We really appreciate this additional information.

February 11, 2011
LOST Legends
Reviewer: Igor
(Ukrane, Russia)

I didn't know what to expect but the tour was much more than what I had imagined it might be. First, I have to thank Peter for helping me select the Lost tour that fit what I wanted to see from the show. Secondly, my appreciation to our guide, Tom, for providing a stellar tour. I will certainly tell my Facebook friends about this wonderful tour and share my pictures of Oahu. I'm so glad I booked this tour.

January 30, 2011
LOST Hydra Experience
Reviewer: Christina
(Waupaca, WI, USA)

A big mahalo to the folks at Hawaiian Escapades for all the suggested island tips and providing such a memorable day. Tim and I enjoyed seeing the LOST production sights. The remaining standing set pieces were remarkable.

January 2, 2011
LOST Final Season: Oceanic Trek
Reviewer: Erik
(Fairbanks, AK, USA)

We come in from Kauai for the day to experience Oahu (for the first time) to specifically participate on the "LOST" Final Season: Oceanic Trek. We must thank our guide for his extensive knowledge of the t.v. show but more specifically sharing his knowledge on the history and ecology of the island of Oahu. We generally do not join guided tours... it seems we struck gold with this decision to participate on this tour as we learned so much about the Hawaiian Islands than we would have otherwise, without joining a guided LOST tour (funny enough). So we give our gratitude and will recommend Hawaiian Escapades to all that follow. Thank you for providing your valuable knowledge and an engaging experience.

December 18, 2010
LOST Hydra Experience
Reviewer: Preston
(New Brunswick, Canada)

Our fourth visit to Oahu and our second time to participate on one of Hawaiian Escapades' "LOST" t.v. show tours. Outstanding! So thanks to our guide and to your organization for providing another memorable LOST experience. It was so much fun to visit the "Temple," step inside the Polar Bear "Cages," and even capturing a picture at a "Hatch" entrance. Thanks again. As always, we will pass along our experience to our family and friends.

December 3, 2010
Cultural & Historical Tour
Reviewer: Thomas
(Newport, Wales, UK)

We appreciate the time and attention to detail our guide gave us during our recent historical tour with Hawaiian Escapades. As we are interested in learning more about the British influence with regards in the early development of the Hawaiian constitutional monarchy... it is this subject matter that made us decide to join this tour. We were not disappointed. Please pass on to our guide our gratitude for sharing this history with us. The Hawaiian culture and history is quite unique. We highly recommend the Honolulu's Hidden Treasure tour.

November 8, 2010
Lost Hydra Experience Tour
Reviewer: Scott
(Queensland, Australia)

Thanks for providing a great LOST experience!! I am most thankful for the visit to the Temple and Hydra Station. We plan to pass your Company name along to all our friends and family. Hope to see you on our return trip in mid-2011.

November 2, 2010
Reviewer: Andrew
(Reno, NV)

I received your Company information from a friend that took one of your LOST tours in 2008. So, I came in with great expectations and I wasn't disappointed. All of the pictures and memories that my friend shared with me from her prior visit were as similar as she described them. I've watched Lost since the first season, so I was pumped to finally get to Oahu to see the locations first hand.

The locations are just as beautiful in real life as found in the show. I appreciate the guide framing the scenes with screen stills and showing clips from the episodes on his iPad. All in all, a great experience. And, eating at Daniel Dae Kim's restaurant was a high light too.

October 14, 2010
Windward Rainforest Hike
Reviewer: Rene
(San Diego, CA, USA)

This was my first trip to Oahu and I really wanted to see some of the tropical lush green rainforests that I always imagined Hawaii would have so plentiful. So, I booked the Windward Rainforest and Waterfall Hike… and boy, I wasn't disappointed. During vehicle trip from pick-up in Waikiki to the trailhead was filled with such great information from our guide. By the time we got to the trailhead I felt already familiar with the vegetation and terrain. And, even during the hike I received even more information on the specific plants and their medicinal and/or practical uses.

The rainforest hike to the waterfall was simply amazing and everything that I wanted to see and imagined to see in the tropical lush green rainforest was fulfilled. The entire trip seemed to go by so quickly with all the information and surroundings to gasp. I was simply amazed and appreciate your tour. Thanks to all!!

September 17, 2010
Terrific LOST Tour!
Reviewer: Caroline

Thanks for the amazing memories from an outstanding tour! We will recommend your tours to our friends who plan to visit Oahu.

August 27, 2010
The Ultimate LOST Adventure
Reviewer: Cathy
(New York, NY, USA)

We fly in from Maui for the day and took the Ultimate LOST Adventure. This turned out to be the best tour we participated during our stay in the Hawaiian islands. So we have to say Thank You to our guide for providing such a wonderful experience.

August 3, 2010
LOST Legends
Reviewer: Luke
(Sydney, Australia)

We want to give you feedback on our recent trip with Hawaiian Escapades… we loved it! Mahalo for providing a private charter for my wife and I. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Please pass on to our guide our appreciation of taking pictures of us throughout the day. The pictures look great! They will serve not only to remind us of the beauty of Oahu but also our guides' knowledgeable and kind demeanor.

July 6, 2010
Reviewer: Rue
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hi, there… we had a wonderful time on our tour and wanted to let you know. We're returning to Hawaii in August and we just wanted to make sure that the tour is operating, specifically The Other LOST Experience tour. We have three traveling companions who we'd like to buy the tour for and just wanted to confirm before making reservations online.

May 30, 2010
Oahu Ghost Hunt
Reviewer: J.M. LANG
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

We just wanted to let you know that we really did appreciate the Oahu Ghost Hunt tour we took with your Guide this past Friday May 28, 2010. We really did enjoy all the information that was shared with us regarding the Hawaiian History, as well as the ghost stories told to us. This made our tour quite unique and very different - in a good way - from all the other Ghost Tours we went on in the past in other cities.

March 15, 2010
LOST Legends Tour
Reviewer: Misty
(Dallas, TX, USA)

My husband and I flew in for the day from Maui to take the LOST Legends tour on March 9th. We had a blast! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

We loved the production pictures our guide had loaded on his iPhone of the locations we visited and how they looked while Grass Skirts Production was shooting. I'm a video editor (corporate videos - nothing like Lost) so I feel like I shouldn't have been so amazed but I couldn't help it.

It was extremely interesting to see the different locations and know that Hawaii was shot to look like Iraq, England and Nigeria. Aside from the locations being beautiful in themselves, some were so off the beaten path that we would never have stumbled on them on our own.

Thanks to you and Hawaiian Escapades for such a fun and different way to experience Hawaii.

February 11, 2010
Snorkel & Waterfall Safari
Reviewer: Angela & Timothy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Thanks for your experienced guide who shared such much interesting and funny Hawaiian experiences. We had a great time! The snorkeling location was great and the nature preserve we visited to the waterfall was beyond beautiful. Words can't quite describe our experience there but the swim in the waterfall pool was a great way to end the day.

January 26, 2010
Reviewer: Sam
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

I wish to comment on our recent trip to Oahu. First, our guide was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We appreciate you accommodating us with a complimentary return to the airport. This saved us time and the worry on whether we would make our flight on time.

Lunch was fantastic at the Shrimp truck. The whole day was organized and well planned - including restroom stops. Our guide was very informative about LOST, the scene locations and even providing inside scoop, which made our day.

Mahalo for providing great memories and the photos I captured… well, I'll treasure always! We will pass on your business name and give you A++ rating.

January 15, 2010
Culture & History Tour - Honolulu's Hidden Treasures
Reviewer: Mike & Paula
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Aloha, it's always refreshing to find a Company that delivers what they claim. We are interested in the Hawaiian monarchy including the Hawaiian culture and history of early Polynesian settlement. Hawaiian Escapades culture & history tour certainly sparked our interest and provided us a complete background that we were not fully aware.

We will highly recommend this tour and hope to return to continue more historical talking points, including the plantation days throughout the late 1800's.

December 28, 2009
Reviewer: Clinton
(Iowa, USA)

Thanks for making our days experience on of the best. We will certainly use Hawaiian Escapades upon our return to Hawaii. Your tour offerings and pricing are the best and most competitive compared to those third-party booking agents that charge even more. Yikes! I'm so glad we booked direct.

December 18, 2009
LOST Legends
Reviewer: Rob
(Fresno, CA, USA)

We fully enjoyed our day. Starting from the complimentary transportation provided from Honolulu International Airport (as we flew to Oahu for the day from the Big Island), to the lunch served up at a North Shore Shrimp truck, and finally the awesome stop at the Other's Compound. From beginning to the end… it was a great day for us.

We want to make sure that Hawaiian Escapades and crew receives our appreciation on providing such a memorable day. We enjoyed seeing all of the LOST locations, as well as listening in on production notes and film examples.

We hope to return in late 2010 and will keep your website in our web history settings.

November 4, 2009
Awesome LOST Tour
Reviewer: Kim
(Peabody, MA, USA)

I just want to thank you for an awesome tour. The Lost tour was by far the best thing we did in Hawaii. We got to see quite a bit of the island, and our guide was so great. He told us lots of local information, and really knew what he was talking about. He was even able to give us advice on what to do for the rest of our trip. It was a wonderful experience and we are so grateful that we chose you!!

November 3, 2009
LOST Oceanic Island Trek
Reviewer: Patricia
(Westchester, NY, USA)

On Tue, 11/3/09, via, Facebook:
They're not lying…used them last year (participated on the LOST Paradise Quest) and last week. Awesome tour company!

October 2, 2009
Other LOST Experience Tour
Reviewer: Kim

On Fri, 10/2/09, via, Facebook:
Your tour was awesome. We did it in January. It was really fun. Thanks

September 16, 2009
LOST - Exclusive Tour
Reviewer: Vicki

What a wonderful day and it won't soon be forgotten. First, we had the fortune to come across the film production crew and got a peak at a couple of the Lost stars… I can't wait to see what Jack, Kate and Hurley are up to when the episode airs during the 6th season. Second, our guide had a vast knowledge of not only the Lost episodes but also a great deal knowledge of the history, culture and ecology of Oahu. That was a great benefit for us to hear.

Thanks to our guide for the pictures taken during our swim at the waterfall… we didn't bring our waterproof camera so it was nice that our guide stayed along the shoreline and took some pictures while we played in the pool and sat under the waterfall.

If a fan of the show, don't miss the opportunity to take one of (Hawaiian Escapades') Lost tours… not just for the Lost locations but for the beautiful and breathtaking views the island of Oahu boasts.

Thanks for a wonderful day!

August 10, 2009
Reviewer: Manon
(Montreal City, Quebec, CA)

Hello, we just want to give you feedback on our recent reservation with you. We loved it! Everything was great, the fact of having a private tour was amazing, and we enjoyed ourselves very much. Our guide was very knowledgeable and patient.

Later during our trip we were at Kualoa ranch and notice other tourist asking the staff there which tour to take for the Lost location, we knew that you were the one to recommend!

June 12, 2009
Reviewer: Duane & Janice
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Thanks very much for the enjoyable exploration of the Oahu north shore. Our interest in the LOST T.V. program is but a passing whimsy but the images of the beautiful north shore will always be etched in our memories. We have experienced beaches all around the globe but none are more beautiful than this area.

We were especially impressed by your knowledge of Hawaiian culture and history. On our next visit we'll certainly contact you and request a tour that specializes in these two topics.

Our best wishes for your continued success and happiness in paradise.

May 7, 2009
Reviewer: Adam
(New York, NY, USA)

Just wanted to thank you again for a great tour - and for your patience. We had a wonderful time and love our pictures!

I actually went online and found screenshots of several of the sites we visited so we could compare our pics with the shows - it's so cool!

Thanks again, and we'll certainly be telling friends about the tour!

April 5, 2009
Reviewer: Ron
(S.E., Michigan, USA)

We were on the Lost tour with two other families. We enjoyed the tour tremendously and we greatly enjoyed your guides' superb knowledge of Hawaii and the Lost TV series. A highlight of the day was the last event… watching a live scene being run at the "Other's compound." Thanks again for making our Hawaii close-up and personal!

February 12, 2009
Snorkel Safari
Reviewer: Lisa
(Cent., North Carolina, USA)

We had a great time! Fond memories of sea turtles during snorkeling, rainbows and beautiful flowers during our valley walk to the waterfall. Our guide was very knowledgeable.

December 13, 2008
Reviewer: Kari
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

I am writing to comment on our recent visit to Oahu and our full day LOST tour. We had a spectacular time! Our guide, was extremely knowledgeable and so very friendly. He accommodated us in every way possible.

We saw a green sea turtle WAY down on one of the beaches at the very beginning of the tour and he didn't mind that a few of us walked down the beach for some fantastic photos with such a magnificent creature. I got some pictures that are unbelievable and all my friends rave about that. An opportunity that I am so grateful to have had.

Lunch was wonderful at the Shrimp truck (even though I was the ONLY one who didn't eat shrimp, our guide went out of his way to pick-up something special just for me--MAHALO!!) Not only did our guide play tour guide but he also took pictures of us so our group could be in a few shots together. The whole day was planned nicely and the different locations were great. In addition, our guide was so informative about the LOST show, the scene locations and even providing some insider information that truly made the day memorable.

I have told countless friends all about the trip and they are amazed at all we did in one day. We got to see some of the more remote parts of the island that was especially nice. The water and drinks supplied was truly appreciated and much needed on such a warm day. We went on an excursion of some sort almost every day of our visit to Oahu and "this one" was by far the best and most money worthy.

We have some great memories and fantastic photos that I'll treasure forever! Mahalo so very much and we hope to be back again some time soon. We will most certainly book another tour with Hawaiian Escapades and give you the highest recommendations possible.

November 26, 2008
Reviewer: Beth & Joe
(S.E. Ohio, USA)

Aloha from The Buckeye State! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the filming locations for Lost. We did not realize there were so many different beaches used or how much of Oahu was used in different sets to represent different areas of the world. (Really Cool!) We enjoyed the shrimp dinner so much we went back for another meal! We took so many pictures that we are having trouble deciding which ones to print. Our guides' knowledge of the show, scenes, and locations made the time go fast.

We will highly recommend your tour to any of our friends who might be visiting Oahu.

September 8, 2008
Reviewer: Jonna
(N.W. California, USA)

We had an incredible time with you guys. We will use only Hawaiian Escapades when we come back to Hawaii. Thanks for making it the best.

August 5, 2008
Reviewer: Eleanor & Bobby
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

We thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of finally seeing some of the Lost sets as well as hearing a lot of back-stories. We fully enjoyed our day.

July 14, 2008
The Best Way To Get LOST
Reviewer: Deb
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

From the moment we were picked up at our hotel until we came back in the afternoon it was just a wonderful experience. We got to see so much and learn so much about LOST it was really worth it. The places we saw just made the day perfect; and eating at the Shrimp Shack was the best! The Shrimp Shack was one of the best places on the island to eat. I would recommend this excursion to all of my friends and family.

June 13, 2008
Historic Tour
Reviewer: Chris

We are so grateful to our guide for the cultural and history tour we took, Honolulu's Hidden Treasures. His knowledge of the area and history was great. It was extremely interesting learning about the history of the monarch and the surrounding area. Yes, the Capital government building doesn't look like much but after the explanation we now have a better understanding of the architecture and design of the structure. We will recommend your tour.

June 13, 2008
Ghost Hunt Tour
Reviewer: Chris

We enjoyed the Ghost Hunt tour. Our guide certainly knows his ghostly history and with the use of the dowsing rods, everyone in our group certainly felt the presence of many ghostly electrical forces that evening. I know my rods were never still.

The stories still resonate, especially the night marchers, servants slid under sea, Gate 31, theatre 14, floor 19 and the new highway where voices can be heard. And, my wife had just spoken to the statue of the Queen when she smelt the sweet aroma of lei flower lotion, yet no one else did nor was anyone else around when this happened. We highly recommend this tour to anyone else interested.

Mahalo for the most wonderful time that we had during our tour. We definitely will take your tours again, should we return to Oahu and in the meantime we will be recommending your tours to everyone who are planning to go to Hawaii.

June 5, 2008
Great Tour!
Reviewer: Chris
(Dallas, TX, USA)

This was such a great tour! My wife and I went on the group tour… we saw about 15 to 20 locations. It was hard to get an exact number because just about everywhere we went, on the way, our guide would tell us about places that we were passing that were used on Lost. As far as places we got to walk on, we saw about 10 locations. We got to see the actual locations of our favorite Lost scenes!

The lunch was absolutely amazing. We stopped at one of those Shrimp Shacks. I'm very glad our tour guide suggested we eat there. It was definitely worth it! We went on this tour toward the end of our Honeymoon and that was perfect for us. After doing our own exploring, we got to go with someone that really knew the island. Depending upon how you are, going at the end of your trip might work for you as well.

May 6, 2008
Thank You
Reviewer: Marilyn
(Ontario, Canada)

I just wanted to thank you, your staff, and express to you that I had such a wonderful and memorable experience on your Tour. I must tell you that I was planing to go to the Galapagos Islands because I saw a photo of a woman sitting beside a Seal Lion on the beach. I really wanted to experience this on my own but instead I went to Hawaii and had the experience there ... with the big green sea turtle. This is experience meant so much to me. If it wasn't for your Tour, I would not have experienced this. So thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to have this treasure of an experience. It is something I will always remember.

April 21, 2008
A Great Time!
Reviewer: Zackerinsmom
(Clawson, MI, USA)

This was the first of many tours on our trip to Hawaii. My husband planned something for every day we were there. Nothing else compared to this for me. It was the only tour I wanted to go on. We got to travel all over the island and learn a lot about the island itself. The best meal I had on the entire trip was the one we had on the North Shore during this tour.

Our guide told us a lot about how the production of Lost is done. I was shocked by some of the set design secrets. But now, every time we watch, we can say, "we've been there" or "we know how they make it look like that." Our guide was great! We even saw a few sea turtles while walking on the beach. Thanks a lot ... definitely worth the money and time.

April 16, 2008
Experience Was Amazing!
Reviewer: Tammy
(Syracuse, New York, USA)

Well first off my whole experience to Oahu was amazing. I can't wait to go back!

As for the Lost tour definitely not what I was expecting it to be. I was thinking that we would be on a bus with a bunch of people not being able to hear or see anything. Boy was I wrong. It was perfect because it was just our guide and five of us.

It was really neat to be able to see parts of the island where they filmed the show. Although there was points where it took me awhile to see some of the areas because the show is so digitally enhanced. Our guide was great. He was very knowledgeable not just about the show but about the island itself.

We also got to see them filming which was very awesome. Even though we couldn't get close. I also loved where we ate. Our guide told us about the best Shrimp Shack on the island, we definitely went back and ate there!!!

All around my trip to Oahu was fantastic! Hope to go back and be able to do a different tour with you!

April 10, 2008
A Great Day with New Friends!
Reviewer: jcstone
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

We had such an amazing time on this tour. We saw things we had no idea we were going to see! Our tour guide was so nice, and so knowledgeable. He makes you feel like you have been friends for years! The pace of the tour is great and lunch is even better. Go for the shrimp truck. It will not be disappointing! As big lost fans ... we instantly had a connection with everyone else on the tour, which made us all really comfortable with each other. This tour is perfect for the lost fan!

April 9, 2008
Lost Tour
Reviewer: Daniel & Melissa
(United Kingdom)

After our stay in Hawaii for 2 weeks and all of the tours we did while visiting, this tour we did was by far the best and most memorable. Our guide was fantastic, he was enjoyable to be around and made you feel comfortable and he was very knowledgeable not just on Lost but a lot of other aspects whilst we were driving around Oahu. We would like to just say thank you for providing such a great tour and we would highly recommend this to anyone and especially Lost fans!

April 4, 2008
Snorkel Safari Phenomenal
Reviewer: Russboe
(San Leandro, CA, USA)

That was one of the most exciting trips I have ever taken so much to see and do and we saw it all. Snorkeling was exciting and fun we saw things close up in the wild some people may never see. Our guide was the best he was knowledgeable and informative, I would recommend this trip to everyone I know that is going to Hawaii.

The trip to the waterfall was incredible to actually get to swim in underneath a natural waterfall and get your picture taken was really cool and all my friends really love those pictures. The trail to the waterfall was really very pretty and the guide actually knowing what we were looking at even better made the trip much more enjoyable. So I want to say thanks for a great trip and to our guide for a job very well done.

April 4, 2008
Dream Tour
Reviewer: Richard
(Adelphi, MD, USA)

My family and I flew into Oahu from Maui just for the Lost tour. I cannot express in words my immense thanks and appreciation for such a fun-filled tour for so little money. The guide was very knowledgeable and made every effort for us to see as many sites as possible. We even lucked out having got to see filming of Lost in one site. We flew back to Maui that evening like having hit the jackpot.

April 3, 2008
Lost in Hawaii was Great!
Reviewer: Ron & Sharon
(Plymouth, MI, USA)

The Lost tour was the highlight of our 2-week vacation in Hawaii. Our guide was most knowledgeable about Lost from it's beginnings, and took us to numerous locations where scenes were performed. At the end of the tour, our guide waited patiently while we viewed a ‘live’ scene for a future airing being set up and run. We saw Hurley and Sawyer live and in action! Wow! A tour can't get any better than that!

March 29, 2008
Amazing, Exciting, Breathtaking...

My wife and I had such an amazing time on the LOST tour. We did the exclusive couple tour, and our guide took us to the sights of where they film Lost, and beyond. We actually got to see Jack and Juliet film a scene. We were so surprised of all the sights. Our guide was so friendly and made us very welcome, we had snacks, drinks and the view from the Van was awesome. We had time to ask questions about the island and take in the sights. Thanx again for an amazing time!!!!!

March 27, 2008
Lost TV Tour!
Reviewer: Kim and Lisa
(Wild West, USA)

The private tour is well worth the extra money. (The guide) fit the schedule to meet our needs which included dropping us off at the airport. Our tour guide is very personable and knowledgeable. Lost fans will love seeing the filming locations. It's a great way to see the island even if you are not a Lost fan! We would even take the tour again!

March 13, 2008
Thank You For a Great Tour!
Reviewer: Courtney
(Raymore, MO, USA)

On Monday, March 3, 2008, my best friend and I took your exclusive private LOST Paradise Quest tour. I just wanted to say thank you for a great and memorable day! When you guys say you provide a dedicated tour guide and the highest level of personal attention, you are not exaggerating. I really enjoyed myself, and can say without a doubt that it was one of the highlights of our vacation. Not only did I love visiting the locations used in filming LOST (which, by the way, makes watching the show all the more entertaining knowing I've actually stood in those many places), but I was also fascinated to learn about Oahu and basically take a nature walk with you around the island. I cannot say enough good things about you and your tour. It was refreshing to meet someone who seems to deeply appreciate the natural beauty of his surroundings and not take for granted all that it has to offer. You are a rare human being and I must say I have a bit of a crush now! So, again, thank you for such an insightful and entertaining day. We are already planning a return next February, and we will surely be doing business with Hawaiian Escapades again.

February 28, 2008
If You Are a Lost Fan, You Must Do This!
Reviewer: Stephen
(San Jose, CA, USA)

If you're a fan of the TV show Lost, or even if you just want a way of seeing Oahu with new eyes, you owe it to yourself to take a Lost TV Tour. I'll only say that I was very, very pleased, and drove my wife insane the next time we watched the show with my constant chattering of Hey! I've been there! Along the way, you'll gain a better understanding of the history of Hawaii, its many microclimates, and why it's a great place to shoot a show like Lost. You won't regret it.

February 27, 2008
Reviewer: Mike
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I came into this expecting he typical blah, blah, blah. Thought I would see a few of the filming sights and stuff along the way. BOY, was I wrong! The tour started off by picking me up at my hotel as stated. I was amazed at how knowledgeable our tour guide was on not just the TV show but all about Hawaii ... knowing all sorts of facts about Hawaii history, people, flora, fauna, geography, economy, etc... the list just goes on and on. I wound up learning so much in just this one day tour than I could have learned in a week on my own!

We got to visit so many filming locations all over the Island of Oahu as well as really experience it for ourselves as well. Our guide also pre-ordered lunch for us so it would be waiting for us when we got there. A HUGE plus after hiking all morning. At the end of the day the guide drives everyone back to their hotels and it was funny because by the end of the tour, all 13 of us were on a first name basis and wishing everyone a good trip and stuff like we knew each other already. This tour is a must even if you don't watch the TV show and especially if you have a limited time in Oahu.

February 13, 2008
Lost with Others
Reviewer: Dr. Marie
(United Kingdom)

Very well managed. Impressed with (the guide’s) terrifically well informed commentary and smooth collection and delivery of tour people.

Loved shrimp shack lunch. Recommended to all my fellow travelers on journey back to London and my Lost fans friends here. The highlight of my holiday in Hawaii.

February 10, 2008
Lost Island Tour - Lost on the Road
Reviewer: Lost Fan
(Colorado, USA)

My wife and I recently took a trip to Oahu. Being big fans of the Lost TV show, we decided to take the all day, around the island tour. There were several sites visited, encompassing quite a few key sets from the show. It was fascinating to be in these locations and remember back to the scenes from the show. Our memory was jogged by convenient pictures of the scenes printed out and handed around by our tour guide. All and all this was an excellent trip and well worth the money (especially when you factor in that the money goes to cover lunch and admissions to various sites). If you are a fan of the show, and are going to be in Oahu, I would highly recommend this tour!

February 6, 2008
I Sure Got Lost
Reviewer: Kelly
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

I had a great time on this tour. I seen many sets and scenery from the show. My favorite part was to see the actual plane from the show. The guide was very (knowledgeable) about the show and since he lives there he knew his way around and I was very impressed. I liked that we actually got to stop and take pictures and he had his own pictures relating back to the show for the people who weren’t really into the tour. So it was pretty fair. Overall I would definitely recommend this to any lost fans out there! It was awesome!! Favorite part of my trip to hawaii. That was almost the only reason that I came to Hawaii was to go on that tour. I also bought a t-shirt I was so impressed.

January 29, 2008
January Lost Tour
Reviewer: EMK
(Green Bay, WI, USA)

The Lost tour was the only planned activity we booked before arriving in the islands....and even tho my husband was not a big fan, he had been converted. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the show, right down to which episode in which season. He even made a special, short stop on my request which was unrelated to the tour, but was greatly appreciated by me (a library). The beach stops were especially impressive.

January 21, 2008
A Note of Thanks
Reviewer: Sara
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful experience I had taking your tours. I very much appreciated your offering alternate tours when the ones for which I registered were a "no go." Additionally, I really appreciated your knowledge of the island and the flora. It was exactly what I wanted - to see the island with someone knowledgeable but not be overwhelmed with facts and figures.

December 27, 2007
Loved the Lost Tour
Reviewer: Joyce
(Maryland, USA)

We came to Hawaii to celebrate our 35th anniversary and to visit our daughter who is working there for 8 months. My daughter gave me the LOST tour for a holiday gift because she knows I LOVE the show.

The two of us were picked up and had a personal tour of many of the spots where LOST is filmed. We were with a guide who was so experienced in all the hidden areas where they film. We never would have found them on our own. He was so knowledgeable in the areas where they do the filming and also of the island. He also gave us other information about the scenic areas and the flora. We learned a lot during the 8 hours. We had the most wonderful lunch at the shrimp truck that we went back ourselves 2 days later.

I have asthma and was worried about the physical walking but (the guide) is very patient and doesn't rush you at any site. He gives you lots of time to take pictures and he also acts as the photographer for you with your camera. He is very accommodating. He carries treats and drinks for you for the entire day.

If you like LOST then this is the tour for you, it is personalized and very enjoyable. There are many tours to take on Honolulu but this was the BEST.

December 22, 2007
Amazing tour
Reviewer: Jill
(New York, USA)
This tour was the highlight of my husband and my trip to Hawaii. If you are a Lost fan it is amazing and even if you are not you get to see beautiful places and learn about Hawaiian flora. The tour guides were a lot of fun as well and very, very knowledgeable. A MUST DO!

December 17, 2007
LOST tour was great
Reviewer: Jayski
(Matthews, NC, USA)

They picked us up on time and in the cleanest van I have ever seen. We saw more of the island then I think most visitors see.

It was a thrill to see areas where LOST had been filmed and swim in the pond/waterfall area.

(The guide) was very professional and interesting and showed us a good time and it was nice not to be nickel and dimed for anything.

The tour lasted longer then expected, but that was fine with us and we enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

December 5, 2007
A great experience!
Reviewer: Buster's mom
(Indiana, USA)

This tour was fantastic, from start to finish. I booked it for my travel companion and myself, to fill up the day layover that we had between leaving a cruise ship in the morning and flying out that same evening. I am a Lost geek, my friend is less so, but we both had a memorable day.

Our guide took fantastic care of us throughout the tour. He met us with a comfortable sedan, with a trunk full of soda, water, etc as well as snacks.

Right away, I had a special request that apparently required a bit of a detour from the regular route to accommodate, but (the guide) did this with no problem. Good customer service!

For Lost fans, some of the locations on the tour are immediately recognizable and some will be once (the guide) jogs your memory a bit. All of the locations are lovely and enjoyable whether or not you are familiar with the show Lost.

Our lunch was at a wonderful shrimp truck, but there are other options available if fresh shrimp is not your thing.

(The guide) is very knowledgeable, not only with Lost lore but with island events in general. His knowledge of plants and birds made our walk through Audubon Park very enjoyable, much more so than if we had just walked through the place ourselves. I was amazed when he explained a scene that was filmed in the Audubon parking lot!

He puts a lot of effort into providing a first class tour experience. Between his efforts and Oahu's beauty, this tour is a winner. I whole heartedly recommend it for anyone.

November 29, 2007
Great tour
Reviewer: bhcoop80
(North Carolina, USA)

Wonderful all day tour that went to many Lost sites. Tour guide was great & also gave us overview of Island & much more information rather than just about Lost. Great way to see Oahu ∓ have fun guessing the locations for different shots from the TV show. Also great lunch at Mackeys!

November 20, 2007
Getting 'Lost' in Hawaii
Reviewer: Emma
(United Kingdom)

If you fancy seeing where and how 'Lost' was shot then this is the tour for you! A whole day spent exploring the island, from Sydney, to the far east, beaches and waterfalls, this tour has it all. You'll be taken around by people passionate about the island and the show to where all your favorite scenes happened, complete with stills to orient you when you get there. The tour is great even for those who know nothing about the show as it takes you to some of the most beautiful places on the island.

This tour is absolutely excellent and a must do when you visit Hawaii!

November 7, 2007
Loved it
Reviewer: lburg7
(Lawrenceburg, IN, USA)

I booked the exclusive tour to fill the time between disembarking from a Hawaiian Island cruise in the morning and an evening flight out of Honolulu. I am a LOST geek, my travel companion is less so. We both thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

We were met at the ship pier by (the guide), who drove us around the island in total comfort, providing us with plenty of tasty snacks, soda and water.

I won't give away tour details, but we saw plenty of immediately recognizable sites during the day. We were able to get out of the car and walk to some of them while (the guide) provided tidbits relating to the show and showed us pictures of the scenes as they were shot for the show. Beyond their relation to LOST, the sites we saw were just plain beautiful.

I think this tour would be a strong one without any of the LOST connections! Of course, I am glad for the LOST connections and all the tidbits that I got during the day. I know something that is going to happen this coming season and I am psyched! Hee!

There were several options for lunch but we did not get beyond the shrimp truck need to go any further! (The guide) took our orders and placed them. He also surprised us with a small platter of fresh island fruit that disappeared almost as quick as the shrimp did. We opted for lunch at an outdoor location, under an umbrella. As I understand it, there are indoor options available as well. Like I said, we simply did not get that far.

This tour provides a brief but nice shopping opportunity at one point. If this does not appeal to you, maybe you can at least enjoy the free coffee sample that is also provided. Me, I only wished that I had booked this tour for the first part of my vacation because I know that I would have bought some neat items. As it was, I had no room left in my suitcases for anything more!

I gave this tour a 4 star rating because I just have a hard time giving perfect ratings to anything. I really have no complaints about this tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and I felt that (the guide) was genuinely concerned about providing a quality experience for my friend and me. I would take this tour again any time and I have no problem recommending it to anyone who may be considering it. They met my party at the cruise pier at the expected time and dropped us off at the airport in plenty of time to make our flight home. In between, we had a wonderful day. This was money well spent!

October 21, 2007
Lost in the Moment
Reviewer: C. Loe
(Gilbert, AZ, USA)

The tour was really great. We saw so many different landmarks on the island and learned so much along the way. The tour guide was great and we actually wished he had been leading some of the other tours we had booked through another agency. This place is the way to go. You will not be disappointed!!!

September 24, 2007
Really cool!
Reviewer: rosenworks
(Texas, USA)

I had a great time on my Lost TV tour! Our guide was really cool & kept the conversation going throughout the day. (there were only 3 of us due to a reschedule) It was a great way to see the Island & I saw parts that I would not have seen on my own. The waterfall alone was AWESOME!! It was a blast to take a plunge in that water! I did not know what to expect when it came down to seeing where the cast films the show & I was pleasantly surprised at all the locations that we were taken to.

It was cool to see & to say Oh yeah... Mr. Ekco... so this is where... It was really a blast! Wait til you see where the others live! TOTALLY creepy!

It was also amazing to see how much Hawaii can look like other cities & places.(Where Jin & Sun met, lived & worked is all filmed on the island.) The eerie trees where the black cloud comes out is very just get these goosebumps.

The only thing I wish I could have done was stay in the waterfall longer... & at the beach, but that could be due to the different people you go with. Some like the beach more than others. I'm kind of a water person. I did not (unfortunately) run into any of the cast members on the island. Maybe somebody will have better luck than me. It's a great way to spend your day...especially if you are (have to be) a LOST fan. Worth going!

September 18, 2007
Our Excellent North Shore/Lost Adventure Tour
Reviewer: Zeke
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

It was quite a scenic tour of the North Shore. I had been to the North Shore before but I had never seen it like (the guide) showed us. Adding to the beautiful scenery was the fact that when we were at a place where Lost filmed one of their scenes he had a photo of the scene as it was in the TV Show to jog our memories, so you really didn't need to be an absolute fanatic of the TV Show.

It was better than most Tours we had taken on Oahu, and included food, drinks, and extracurricular activities that got our blood pumping instead of just sitting in a van all day long as in most of the tours on the island. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone that would like to see the beautiful landscapes/locations of Oahu. Thanks for the GREAT time!

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