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"LOST" Hydra Experience

On our newest "LOST" themed half-day tour is a perfect add-on (or alternative) to any full-day "LOST" tours. This experience offers some of the most dramatic vistas, rainforest areas and picturesque urban sites from the hit T.V. show.

On this half-day tour, you'll travel onto "The Island" and hike through a verdant tropical rainforest. In a thickly forested area, we spend time at the Orchid Station exploring the "Cages" and the Temple featured in the Final Season. 'Other' highlights of this tour include magnificent vistas featuring the view of "Hydra Island", which is found along the island's rocky eastern coastline. Side trips to Oxford, England and Los Angeles, California allow guests a chance to catch their breaths before heading back into the wild again.

Exceptional photo opportunities abound at every site of this half-day trek including a bamboo forest and waterfall area. In fact, all the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty or cultural and historical significance in addition to playing a role in the plot of the final season.

To make your trip a special, one-of-a-kind experience, we also offer an exclusive private tour for small groups, so you can share your experience (and conspiracy theories) without any "Others" listening in.

Operates: Daily; Private Charters operate daily
(except U.S. Federal Holidays)
Pickups begin: 8:00 AM; Departs: 8:30 AM; Est. Return: 12:30 PM
Cost per person: $79.95 plus tax
Exclusive Private Charter price per person: $149.95 (min. 2PAX) plus tax
Individual Private Charter: $249.95 plus tax
Exclusive time periods may be altered upon request

$79.95 per person
8:00 AM to 12:30 PM;
Private Charters operate daily*;
$149.95 per person

*except U.S. Federal Holidays


"LOST" Hydra Experience Sample Stops:

  • Hydra Station (rainforest stop)
  • View of Hydra Island (vista / lookout stop)
  • Polar Bear Cages (rainforest stop)
  • "Temple" as seen in the Final Season (rainforest stop)
  • Coastal Journey for Mile's Parachute Landing (coastal stop)
  • Claire's Campsite area featured in the Final Season (rainforest stop)
  • Banyan Tree Hanging (rainforest stop)
  • And "Other" surprises along the way.

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