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"LOST" Legends

Hawaiian Escapades' most comprehensive LOST Tour for fans of the T.V. series - a full island tour from eastern to western most points. Together, guests and guide will trace the steps of your new favorite castaways histories both off- and on-Island locations from the hit show. Around every turn, you'll find settings and sites that are more than what they originally appear to be.

On this full-day 8-hour tour, you'll travel the world as we take you on a global journey from the back stories of "Lost," covering urban locations and terrain that have doubled as Sydney Australia, Seoul South Korea, Los Angeles California, London England, even Bangkok Thailand. In addition, you'll explore Island locations filmed on and around pristine coastal areas, beaches, breathtaking cliff formations, valley-jungles and desert-like areas.

After a brief drive-around of filming locations in and around Waikiki, we drive to the outer slopes of Diamond Head Crater. You will see the coastal defense gun battery, which was turned into the Lost Iraqi prison. We continue our journey down the coast and pass Hawaii Film Studios, where a good deal of interior scenes is filmed for the show.

We then work our way down the South side of Oahu's coastline near the Lanai Lookout, where many Lost scenes are filmed, including Desmond's journey to his boat. Next you're off to view the "Other" island, where Ben leads Sawyer. At this site you will gasp at the panoramic vista of Rabbit Island and the fake "Others" camp.

Our journey continues to travel along the base of the spectacular windward Pali Cliffs You'll be amazed at the steep vertical slopes of Windward Oahu. A pristine beach area, which includes the Lost Thailand beach featured in the episode 'Stranger in a Strange Land.' After which we plan on a brief visit at a famous sanitarium located somewhere in Santa Rosa, California.

In the blink of an eye, you'll find your way to the beautiful North Shore of Oahu to visit beaches and Lost locations, some of which include:

  • Kate and Sawyer's waterfall
  • Nigerian drug plane responsible for Boone's death
  • Other's compound
  • Nigerian Village
  • Crash site beach

As on our other Lost tours, many of the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty or cultural and historical significance, in addition to playing a background role in the series, making this a pleasant and informative tour for fans and non-fans alike.

To make your trip a special, one-of-a-kind experience, we also offer an exclusive private tour for small groups, so you can share your experience (and conspiracy theories) without "The Others" listening in.

Operates: Daily; Private Charters operate daily
(except U.S. Federal Holidays)
Pickups begin: 8:00 AM; Departs: 8:30 AM; Est. Return: 5:00 PM
Price per person: $139.95 (min. 2PAX) plus tax
Exclusive Private Charter price per person: $279.95 (min. 2PAX) plus tax
Individual Private Charter: $449.95 plus tax
Exclusive time periods may be altered upon request

$139.95 per person
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Private Charters operate daily*; Starting from $279.95 per person

*except U.S. Federal Holidays


"LOST" Legends Sample Stops:
  • England Scenes including London, Cambridge University
  • Sanitarium
  • Others Fake Camp (coastal stop)
  • Thailand (beach stop)
  • Waterfall scene (rainforest & waterfall stop - includes swim in waterfall pool)
  • Crash site beach (beach stop)
  • Nigerian Church
  • Iraqi Scenes
  • Compound
  • Sawyer's View of the Others' island (vista/lookout stop)
  • Nigerian Plane Crash Site (rainforest stop)
  • Sydney and Los Angeles Scenes
  • Coastal Journey for Desmond's Boat (coastal stop)
  • Miles' Para-Shoot Landing (coastal stop)
  • Nigerian Village
  • Hawaii Film Studios
  • And, a couple of other surprises along the way. Including a non-host lunch at a Shrimp Truck in the ‘Australian Outback’ or comparable North Shore grill

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